Adrian Marsden

"Unofficial Mints in Third-Century East Anglia"

After completing a Doctorate at Oxford University on Roman Imperial portraiture and propaganda on coins, medallions and the Minor Arts in the third century AD in 2000, Adrian Marsden taught various archaeological and historical courses whilst writing his book "Roman Coins Found in Britain", an introduction to the subject designed for interested amateurs and metal detector users.

For several years he has worked as numismatist for Norfolk Landscape Archaeology’s Identification and Recording Service, studying the coins and coin-related objects found by metal detectorists in the county. He is a specialist in Roman coins but deals with all coins found in Norfolk, from the Iron Age to the post medieval period.

Adrian’s research interests include all aspects of irregular Roman coinages, 17th century tokens, Roman engraved gemstones and Roman votive objects. He has published many articles on diverse aspects of coinage in magazines such as "Coins and Antiquities" and "Treasure Hunting", and various other papers in other publications including The Journal of the British Archaeological Association, The Oxford Journal of Archaeology, Medieval Archaeology and Norfolk Archaeology. He publishes the county’s significant coin finds every year in Norfolk Archaeology and coin hoards found in Norfolk as well as some other Treasure cases in the annual Treasure Report. He hopes to publish a nearly-finished book Irregular Coinage in Roman Britain: Collected Papers in the not-too distant future.

Adrian was elected a Fellow of the Royal Numismatic Society in 1994.