Wednesday 21 September 2011

Publication of Papers

The Yorkshire Numismatic Society have just announced that MONETA BRITANNIA 2011 papers will be published in the fourth volume of The Yorkshire Numismatist series.

"Volume 4 of The Yorkshire Numismatist will be published under the auspices of the Yorkshire Numismatic Society with both Tony Abramson and  Lee Toone on the editorial board. The subject matter will be the papers presented at the symposia of 13th & 14th July 2011 – respectively Studies in Medieval Coinage at the Leeds International Medieval Congress and Moneta Britannia  2011 at the Bar Convent, York. Other contributions relating to numismatics in Yorkshire or by members are most welcome."

Unfortunately, some papers that were presented will not be included as they are already committed to other publications. The good news though, is that additional papers relating to Romano-British coinage will be included.

Further information to follow but pre-orders should be sent to as numbers will be limited. 

Sunday 24 July 2011

Conference Report Coming Soon

MONETA BRITANNIA 2011 - Tory Failmezger moderates questions to Richard Abdy of the British Museum.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Final Places Available!

There are only three weeks to go now and only ten places left! If you were thinking of coming please let me know soon to avoid disappointment. For those who have already registered, a welcome pack will be issued by email at the end of next week.

Friday 6 May 2011

Final Programme

Programme – Thursday 14th July 2011 

9.30    Introduction – Victor “Tory” Failmezger
 9.45    Opening Address – Craig Barclay
10.15    References to Britannia on Imperial Coinage – Richard Abdy
10.45    Break
11.00    British Imitations of Trajan Sestertii? – Bernhard Woytek
11.30    Hoards of Radiates from Britain and why were they buried? – Roger Bland
12.00    Irregular Coinage in Late Roman Britain : Recent Research – Adrian Marsden
12.30    Lunch Break
13.30    Opuscula Carausiana – Richard Bourne
14.00    The Coinage of Carausius in the Light of the Frome Hoard – Sam Moorhead
14.30    The London Mint : A Collector’s Perspective – Paul DiMarzio
15.00    Break
15.15    The end of Roman Britain (or not!): Roman and sub-Roman coinage in the 5th to 7th centuries  – Gareth Williams
15.45    Roman Influence on early Anglo Saxon Coinage – Tony Abramson
16.15    Closing Remarks - Victor “Tory” Failmezger
16.30    Close – to be followed by informal drinks in a local hostelry!

Thursday 14 April 2011

Craig Barclay to Deliver Opening Address

Craig Barclay will be delivering the opening talk at MONETA BRITANNIA. He will give an overview of Romano-British numismatics and illustrate the many links to the host city of York. As former keeper of numismatics at the Yorkshire Museum, he is excellently placed to do this.

Craig is currently Curator of Durham University Museums, and as well as being keeper of numismatics
and decorative arts at the Yorkshire Museum, he has been keeper of Archaeology at the Hull & East
Riding museum and an expert advisor on Channel 4’s Time Team.  His research interests
include Classical Archaeology and Numismatics.

Monday 21 March 2011

Frome Hoard of Roman coins to stay in Somerset

The following report is courtesy of the BBC:

"About 53,000 coins were found buried in a field near Frome in Somerset. The largest ever collection of Roman coins found in Britain in one pot will stay in the county where it was unearthed. The Museum of Somerset has raised £320,250 to keep the Frome Hoard. There had been fears it would go to London.

The coins, which date back over 1,700 years, were found last April by metal-detectorist Dave Crisp from Wiltshire. Steven Minnit, from the museum, said he was "absolutely delighted" and could not believe the public's interest. The coins will be on display when the museum's £6.9m revamp is completed in the summer.

"The story will not end there however," added Mr Minnit. "As the hoard undergoes study over the next year or two many more of its secrets will be unlocked."

The National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) gave the museum a grant of £294,000 so the museum could keep the hoard. A further £100,000 has also been raised for its conservation. It marks the end of a fundraising campaign which saw more than £13,000 raised at a public event in Wells.

The Art Fund, a national fundraising charity for works of art, kick-started the appeal in November with a grant of £40,250 and then matched the first £10,000 raised."

Thursday 10 March 2011

Sam Moorhead wins Archaeologist of the Year Award

Sam Moorhead, one of our speakers at MONETA BRITANNIA has won a prestigious award. Sam's nomination read, "Sam Moorhead is the National Finds Advisor for Iron Age and Roman coins in the Department of Portable Antiquities at the British Museum. But he is much more than that: his many achievements and the range of his contributions to archaeology are truly phenomenal. He is a specialist and scholar of the highest standards, yet at the same time a very modest, self-effacing colleague, and also a populariser with a missionary zeal about bringing the prehistoric and ancient worlds alive for the general audience. He has been especially prominent over the last year because of his involvement in the AD 410 commemorations, and in the excavation and analysis of the Frome Hoard – the biggest hoard of Roman coins ever found in Britain.
Sam was central to the major two-day conference at the British Museum in March to debate the end of Roman Britain, which saw the emergence of a new academic consensus that is likely to underpin research for a generation. And, despite his extensive commitments, he also found time to co-author a superb narrative history book, "AD 410 – The Year That Shook Rome".

Read more here: